Our Story

St Peter’s Bay Craft & Giftware started in 1999 as a pewter jewelry wholesale business. With three distinct jewellery lines created the business grew with sales into gift stores across Canada and the New England states. Over the years, other products were developed including a small line of personal golf markers which were sold mainly out of our gift shop. During the 2008–2009 recession the giftware business was transformed with wholesale sales  reduced with the reduction of gift stores. It was at that time, we decided to re focus our sales efforts on the retail market. The customer feedback has been so positive that we now confidently use the slogan “Golfers ❤️ This Gift” to all marketing aspects of the company.

St. Peter’s Bay C & G started selling my jewelry and golf products at Christmas Craft Shows around Maritime Canada. During this time I began to notice increased sales of the Golf Markers while jewelry sales lagged behind. In 2013, we were invited to the 10 day Originals Christmas Craft Show in Ottawa, where sales of our Personalized Golf Markers dominated everything else. In 2014, we were invited to the 11 day One of A Kind Show in Toronto which is the largest Christmas gift show in Canada. Again, Golf Marker sales dominated the event with sales exceeding expectations against the finest products in Canada.  Over the next 4 years we expanded our gift show attendance into the largest and most popular cities in Western Canada.

in 2016, St. Peter’s Bay C&G redesigned the face of the markers. The marker was resized, refined and a custom cushion back was added for better use on the golf green. The packaging was redeveloped with an attractive information card and reusable package that makes the product names easily recognizable. We also renamed the product “Name Drop” Personalized Professional Golf Markers and adjusted the quantity to 3. These improvements were widely accepted by the buying public which increased our volume of names to over 1,300.  While pewter is beautiful, it is a non magnetic metal. Applying magnets to the product was the only solution, but it also created challenges. It took a couple years of trial and error, but we are now able to magnetize any Name Marker in 20 seconds. 
We now fit our Personalized Magnetized Markers Into a line of Heavy duty Divot Repair Tools as well as Hat Clips. We package these products with our magnetic markers into attractive reusable package or gift boxes for a great gift giving experience.

St. Peter’s Bay Craft & Giftware operates out of its own 7,500 sq foot building along the shore in the beautiful village of St. Peter’s Bay, Prince Edward Island, Canada. From this location we also operate a 1,200 sq foot gift shop as well as the famous Confederation Trail Bike Rental Adventures.